Born and raised in Overland Park, KS I've always had a strong passion for sofware and technology. I picked up web design from a young age to build websites for most of my hobbies from magic to school clubs. As I got older I used those skills in a more entrepreneurial approach by building websites and doing computer/network/iPhone repair for a variety of companies and individuals throughout KC.

My passion for entrepreneurship and technology led me to the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management at the University of Nebarska (Lincoln) where I attained my degree in computer science. The knowledge and skills I gained opened the doors to many valuable internship experiences. At the end of it all, I found a great opportunity at Spreetail where I've been able to constantly learn new things. It has all been a whirlwind of technical and personal growth. I'm a better developer and leader, and I'm constantly pushing myself to make a bigger impact.

Part of being a software developer is staying up to date with the latest trends and skills that are needed to solve the problems at hand with the best tools possible. For myself, the skills below are definitely not everything I've ever worked with, but they are the skills/tools/processes I've used most thoroughly in my past experiences. If you're looking for a specific skill please reach out and I'd love to talk with you more about my own experiences in that area!

  • Actively design, develop, and support new and existing products
  • Handle sprint planning/execution for the customer experience squad
  • Assist with problem discovery, solution, and implementation
  • Collaborate directly with non-technical stakeholders to ensure our software vision can solve their problems and align with needs
  • Co-created this technology solutions company with a friend
  • Provided services from website design to computer repair
  • Operated and maintained all website design and implementation
  • Managed client relations, advertising, and finances
  • Worked on the Android development team to optimize digital signage
  • Familiarized myself with Gradle and the Android build/test process
  • Setup Android projects with Jenkins to maximize the benefits of CI
  • Assisted with a mobile browser solution for Android digital signage
  • Developed an iOS application for video chat utilizing the WebRTC library
  • Created a fluid experience between mobile and web applications
  • Primarily utilized Objective-C and Javascript throughout my internship
  • Experienced a small company software development environment
  • Managed and developed corporate web applications and web services
  • Worked with Java, Javascript, SQL, and HTML during development
  • Developed Customer Access application and eCommunications web service
  • Learned corporate software architecture patterns and software design processes

Univeristy of Nebraska - Lincoln

Raikes School of Computer Science and Management

Majored in computer science with minors in mathematics and business administration

Graduated with distinction in May of 2016

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